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  1. Tuesdays with Morrie

    This book is a true story about the relationship between a Jewish teacher called Morrie who gets a terminal disease and Morrie's old student. After graduating from college, Morrie's student became successful,was married, and wealthy, but he had forgotten his old teacher Morrie. However, when he saw Morrie on TV, he remebered his promise to meet him again. But Morrie was in a bad condition by the time. Despite his worsening condition, Morrie decides to teach his old student about love, life, ...
    Date2008.06.30 CategoryFor Teens ByJay Views10378
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  2. The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White

    The Trumpet of the Swan is a story about a young Trumpeter Swan named Louis. His parents were very worried about him because he was born with a speech defect. He couldn't speak at all. But even though he can't talk, Louis knows he could learn to read and write. So he gets into school with the help of a boy named Sam. When it was time for mating season, his parents plan to get a trumpet so Louis can imitate the sound of the mating call (Ko-Ho). His father flies to the store and steals an ex...
    Date2009.06.24 CategoryFor Kids ByAlly Views6356
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    No talking is about a boy namre Dave that Quarreled against Linsey. They quarreled that wich type of human talks less- girl or boy. They tried not to talk anywhere. The type that talks less will win. They would have get through every period without a word. All the teachers tried to foind the problem but nobody except the principle found out. At every lunchtime when it was so loud she needed a bullhorn, it was dead silent for 2 lunch periods. But when she got a really hot temper she shouted "WHAT...
    Date2009.01.26 CategoryFor Kids Byjosh Views6685
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  4. blubber

    blubber is about a girl name Jill that bullys linda because she made a report about whales and Blubber and linda is all troubled and gets all bullied. And also on Halloween Jill and her friend started putting rotten eggs in Mr.Machists mailbox, and has to pay for that so they rake the leaves for him. And then one day at lunch Wendy the one that bullied Linda made a court trial at lunch and linda was locked in the closet but since Linda did not have a lawyer Jill let linda go and ended the tr...
    Date2008.12.01 CategoryFor Kids Byjosh Views6435
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  5. The capture

    The capture is a book about a barn owl name Soren that got pushed off the tree by his brother he was living in while his parents had gone hunting. Then Soren was picked up by St' Aggies’s patrol and carried to St' Aggies. While in St' Aggies, he meets an elf owl name Gylfie and teams up and tries to fly out of the place by getting lessons from Grimble. Finally for the first time in their lives they are ready try flying out of St Aggies’s they successfully fly they meet friends. Digger and Twiligh...
    Date2008.07.29 CategoryFor Kids Byjosh Views7051
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